Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what all of this is? Check out our frequently asked questions below!


What is this crazy resin stuff?

If you haven't heard of resin before, you aren't the only one. Not too long ago I was one of those people who was where you are now. It all started with an Instagram post and here I am now... Anyway resin (also known as epoxy resin or a polyepoxide) is made by mixing two components that are matched with one another and creates a material that can be used for many different purposes. Just like anything, there are tons of different kinds of resin and they are used for many different purposes including jewelry, counter tops, showers, a top coat for boats, gluing materials together, and art!

What can I use my pieces for?

As resin is a super versatile product, so are your pieces of art! From wall art to sitting on a shelf, functional decor in the kitchen, to coasters and cutting boards, each of my items can be used in more than one way!

Is resin heat/cold resistant?

Yes! My resin that I use is heat resistant to 500 degrees and unaffected by cold (but don't go using liquid nitrogen to freeze it...) making it perfect for coasters, trivets, and more!

Is resin FDA compliant?

Yes! All my resin I use are FDA complaint

I have a different shape that I want done? Is this something you can do?

Absolutely!! I love creating new items including custom pieces of work! Please email me at to discuss what you are looking for!

Can I hang my item outside?

While all my resin pieces are waterproof and heat resistant, direct UV rays and long term direct heat exposure may cause the resin to take on an amber tint over time.

How long will my items take to get to me?

Trust me - I'm the type of person that checks the shipping hours after I purchased something so I hate waiting and I will try to get your items to you as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of how each piece is made it requires 2-3 layers of resin minimum with a minimum 12 hour drying period between. After the final layer is applied, each piece dries for 72 hours to fully cure before shipping out. 

If you have something that needs to be shipped ASAP, please contact me and I will do my best to make it happen!


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! I am happy to offer wholesale pricing on most items via Faire. Please visit my wholesale page here for more information!